The Purpose and Courage in Faith (PACIF) Network strives to:

1) Empower the American individual.
2) Empower women globally.
3) Embark on strategic acts to disseminate the Organization’s core values.

Empowering Americans Nationwide and Women Globally

Latest from PACIF Network

ANA RUBIANO – Member #1A

Member Identification Number: #1A Member First Name: Ana Member Last Name: Rubiano Gender Identity: Female Birth Place: Bogotá Nationality: Colombian Residence: Bogotá; Colombia Occupation: Language Interpreter Collegiate Affiliation or Declaration: EAN University Certification(s) and Accolade(s): Bachelor’s Degree in Modern Languages with Emphasis in Translation Boilerplate Matter(s): Underserved Communities; Poverty; Human Rights; Abuse of Authority; Gender… Continue reading ANA RUBIANO – Member #1A