Initiatives in the United States

PACIF Network is on a mission to empower American individuals. Read about the initiatives below that are in pursuit of this mission.

Homeless American Venture of Empowerment Nationwide (H.A.V.E.N.) Initiative

The H.A.V.E.N. Initiative was established, as the initiative’s name suggests, to empower homeless Americans at shelters and on streets in the United States of America nationwide.

During December 2020, to advance the H.A.V.E.N. Initiative, PACIF Network carried out a “2020 Winter Holidays” campaign. The goal of the campaign was to lend a helping hand to the homeless population in Washington DC, where PACIF Network is headquartered. Working with Thrive DC, PACIF Network delivered two shipments of supplies to support this homeless population. Our care packages consisted of 200 face masks, 28 backpacks, 36 beanies, 60 pairs of gloves, and 60 pairs of socks. PACIF Network expects continued campaigns to advance the H.A.V.E.N. Initiative. Read more below!

Education Initiative in the United States of America

The Members of PACIF Network established an Education Fund in order to open and initially fund 529 Plan(s) for American youth with aspirations to obtain post-secondary education in the United States. PACIF Network is actively profiling potential partner organizations in order to identify and nominate beneficiaries of this PACIF Network Education Fund.

The Education Fund currently holds $10,000.00 (USD) and has yet to execute on the goal to open 529 Plan(s). Please contact us about organizations that can assist in the identification and nomination of deserving students with aspirations to obtain post-secondary education in the United States.