Initiative in the United Kingdom

PACIF Network’s Initiative In The United Kingdom (P.I.I.T.U.K.) commenced with a micro-donation to a PACIF Network trusted and vetted organization in pursuit of PACIF Network’s mission to empower women globally. Read about P.I.I.T.U.K. campaigns and programs below.

PACIF Network, in search of charitable organizations with similar goals to empower women, identified Young Women’s Trust (YWT) as a “Charity Commission for England and Wales” certified organization. YWT is on a mission “to give economic power to young women.” PACIF Network made a donation to YWT in order to facilitate professional and in-depth feedback on two young women’s Curriculum Vitae with a goal to secure crucial interview opportunities for the young women. PACIF Network continues to build on and execute on charitable operating models to empower women in the United Kingdom. PACIF Network expects future developments to advance this initiative.

PACIF Network expects future developments from this initiative.