Initiative in Liberia

PACIF Network’s Initiative In Liberia (P.I.I.L.) is effectively underway in pursuit of PACIF Network’s mission to empower women globally. Read about P.I.I.L. campaigns and programs below.

PACIF Network’s Initiative In Liberia (P.I.I.L.) commenced with a micro-donation to a PACIF Network trusted and vetted organization, Our Seeds Tomorrow (OST). PACIF Network seeks to foster a strong partnership with Our Seeds Tomorrow, a charity organization recognized by the United States of America’s Internal Revenue Service (IRS). OST operates in Liberia for the charitable benefit of the Liberian people. PACIF Network, in talks with OST officials, has identified ways in which PACIF Network’s initial donation shall be used to empower Liberian women. PACIF Network expects future developments to advance this initiative.