Initiative in Colombia

PACIF Network’s Initiative In Colombia (P.I.I.C.) is effectively underway in pursuit of PACIF Network’s mission to empower women globally. Read about P.I.I.C. campaigns and programs below.

The “Ho Ho Hope” (HHH) Campaign:

Our holiday-inspired campaign took place in Bogotá, Colombia. The Ho Ho Hope campaign gave toys, face masks, and monetary assistance to eight families just one week before Christmas. We were touched by many of the mothers’ stories, especially those who travelled many miles by foot from neighboring Venezuela. They are certainly on our minds as we bring 2020 to a close and hope to make this holiday giving campaign an annual tradition.

The “Wheelchair & Supplies for Johanna” Donation:

The fundraising campaign established by Andrew Langley and Ana Rubiano (PACIF Network Board Members) was for the benefit of Johanna Méndez, a 38-year-old woman from Cumaral, Colombia. She was born with various debilitating health conditions. Johanna has been diagnosed with, Bilateral Spastic Cerebral Palsy Functional GMFCS Level IV, Severe Intellectual Disability, Severe Scoliosis, Left Hip Subluxation, Perinatal Hypoxia, Severe malnutrition, Quadriparesis without functional motor patterns, Generalized Hyperreflexia, and Widespread Spasticity. Her family lives humbly on a farm in rural Colombia and were having difficulty providing for her. When Andrew and Ana visited the family, they explained Johanna’s situation to them, and explained that certain items such as: a custom wheelchair, medication, hygenic supplies, among others, would greatly improve her living conditions.

The “What Would I Do” (WWID) Campaign:

PACIF Network’s first official campaign sought out women in need, donating $200 USD in the process. Four women hailing from Colombia, the Philippines, and Venezuela (2) received $50 USD each. This money was used for paying rent, buying food, and paying medical bills. The What Would I Do campaign marked the birth of PACIF Network.