Message from Maryam Noor (Hundred Percent Equal Campaign Writer)

Instead of asking why women should be represented equally in high offices, I ask why not. Because they have smaller brains. Because they are too emotional. Because they should focus on motherhood and homemaking. Because my tradition and/or religion said so. All of these are logically and scientifically fallacious, crude generalizations representing the fear of a disrupted status quo; a status quo which oppresses and disenfranchises women. Putting women in politics, or boardrooms, and paying them equally, is not a public service project. It is a strategic decision for improved socio-economic conditions for all in the society. Women belong in high positions because there is no valid reason why they should not.

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A woman’s place is everywhere

How to be a woman: Any way you want to be

Power is power: vote for her

Unacceptable CEO prerequisite: Not a woman

Not an either/or situation: a pacifier, a promotion


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