In Kind Donation Flash Report

10/15/2021 Flash Report – PACIF Network along with ‘Hundred Percent Equal’ (“HPE”) incorporated, a PACIF Network wholly owned subsidiary, work together with Eliya Cioccolato of Cioccolato Couture to donate 600 count pairs of socks and two gourmet cakes from ‘Bettersweet Vegan Bakery’ (of Miami) to ‘The Lotus House Women’s Shelter’ in Miami Florida, United States of America as part PACIF Network’s Homeless American Venture of Empowerment Nationwide (H.A.V.E.N.) Initiative

Campaign Flash Report

09/10/2021 Flash Report – ‘Hundred Percent Equal’ (“HPE”) incorporated, a PACIF Network wholly owned subsidiary, officially announces a first slate of commissioned Instagram accounts in pursuit of HPE’s programmatic mission to disseminate a PACIF Network core value of “equality” using HPE’s rapidly growing portfolio of HPE campaign content, HPE original films, and HPE media platforms that promote gender equality, racial equality, and socioeconomic equality

Campaign Flash Report

08/04/2021 Flash Report – PACIF Network deepens its relationships with initial beneficiaries of the original PACIF Network Initiative In Nigeria (P.I.I.N.) Campaign with a secondary P.I.I.N. Campaign (P.I.I.N.2) completed during July 2021. The P.I.I.N.2 Campaign fostered more relationships with two new beneficiaries of PACIF Network’s Initiative In Nigeria (P.I.I.N.) at large


The July 2021 PACIF Network Nigeria campaign outreach was intended as a follow up outreach to past beneficiaries of the charity organization’s Initiative in Nigeria. A budget of ₦20,000 (NGN) was allocated to the cause and a plan was drawn up to set things in motion. The initial PACIF NETWORK outreach, which concluded in November 2020, had nine beneficiaries. However, not all initial beneficiaries were willing to provide their contact details during the original PACIF Network Initiative In Nigeria (P.I.I.N.) Campaign; this posed outreach difficulties during attempts to contact all initial beneficiaries for the follow up campaign (P.I.I.N.2 Campaign).

The July 2021 P.I.I.N.2 Campaign had five beneficiaries in total, four women in Lagos and one woman in Ijebu Ode. The program’s budget was split five ways which had each woman receive ₦4,000 (NGN). Due to a low count of initial beneficiaries reached, two new beneficiaries of P.I.I.N. were added by the PACIF Network Nigeria Programs Coordinator, Semilore Oyawoye. The two new beneficiaries, Mrs. Omobolanle Odewale and Miss Ruth, are model examples of the kinds of women that PACIF Network assists.

To document the P.I.I.N.2 Campaign process, Miss Zainab Osanyin, the charity organization’s Lagos State Correspondent recorded short clips of the beneficiaries and a P.I.I.N.2 Campaign Video was created in which each of the outreach beneficiaries in Lagos expressed thanks in their preferred and special ways to do so. The Ijebu Ode beneficiary, Miss Joseph Abosede, is not featured in the P.I.I.N.2 Campaign Video.

This report summarizes the events of the concluded P.I.I.N.2 Campaign.

P.I.I.N.2 Campaign Video
Campaign Flash Report

08/01/2021 Flash Report – ‘Hundred Percent Equal’ (a PACIF Network wholly owned subsidiary) today, officially announced the release of its concluded “XX Gold🥇 Campaign” and officially announced two winners from the July 2021 “Charity Auction Raffle for Equality” (“C.A.R.E.”) Charity Program featuring Paola Paulin

Campaign Flash Report

07/14/2021 Flash Report – ‘Hundred Percent Equal’ (a PACIF Network wholly owned subsidiary) identified and profiled, with a Five (5) Part Frame, everyday ‘Model Individuals’ across the United States of America (from Washington D.C., Los Angeles, and Atlanta) contributing $512 (USD) to the ‘Model Individuals’ as part of PACIF Network’s #HundredPercentEqual💯 campaign

Campaign Flash Report

06/06/2021 Flash Report – PACIF Network sponsors content creators to attend the ‘June 6, 2021 ‘Floyd Mayweather Vs Logan Paul’ boxing match in Florida, United States’ event, so that the all female content creator corps may produce event related content to disseminate a #FightForEquality🥊 message as part of PACIF Network’s wholly owned subsidiary’s, ‘Hundred Percent Equal’ incorporated, continued execution of the #HundredPercentEqual💯 campaign, spending $4,100 in this particular content creation effort – produced content is available for review on the @100PercentEqual Instagram “EVENTS!” Story Highlights

Hundred Percent Equal

Campaign Flash Report

04/04/2021 Flash Report – PACIF Network launches 🚀 #HundredPercentEqual💯 Campaign enlisting prominent women with a variety of social media followers across the world


Micro Donation Flash Report

03/08/2021 Flash Report – PACIF Network consummates a £1,000.00 (GBP) grant to “Young Women’s Trust” or “YWT” or “YWCA” (a Charity Commission for England and Wales certified organization with Charity Number 217868) with a £100.00 first payment tranche on International Women’s Day during 2021

“PACIF Network’s Initiative In The United Kingdom” or “P.I.I.T.U.K.” is officially campaigning with Young Women’s Trust. YWT’s 2020 Impact Report is detailed below along with YWT’s stated priorities for the coming years. Look to PACIF Network’s social media accounts and other public media for campaign efforts to assist YWT achieve their goals! Learn more about YWT!