Micro Donation Flash Report

07/19/2022 Flash Report – PACIF Network celebrates a significant milestone for the £1,000.00 (GBP) grant to “Young Women’s Trust” or “YWT” or “YWCA” (a Charity Commission for England and Wales certified organization with Charity Number 217868) with a sixth £100.00 payment tranche. The first five payment tranches, that comprised fifty percent of total grant amount, allowed for general purpose activities and to assist more than fifteen young women pursue career oriented activities!

“PACIF Network’s Initiative In The United Kingdom” or “P.I.I.T.U.K.” continues with various programmatic activities including this ongoing campaign with Young Women’s Trust (YWT). YWT’s 2021-2022 impact report that’s specific to YWT’s ”Work It Out” program is detailed below. YWT’s free “Work It Out” service supports young women, especially those struggling to live on low or no pay, to build their skills and confidence, to find jobs, and to progress at work. “Work It Out” combines one to one coaching, and Curriculum Vitae (CV), and job application feedback from Human Resource (HR) professionals. Look to PACIF Network’s social media accounts and other public media for campaign efforts to assist YWT achieve their goals! Learn more about YWT!

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