Board of Directors

ANDREW LANGLEY – Member #1B (Founding Member Profile)

Member Identification Number: #1B

Member First Name: Andrew

Member Last Name: Langley

Gender Identity: Male

Birth Year: 1991

Birth Place: Georgia

Nationality: American

Residence: Bogotá; Colombia

Occupation: ESL Instructor

Collegiate Affiliation or Declaration: Georgia State University & Universidad de los Andes

Certification(s) and Accolade(s): Master’s Degree in Education; Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations; Stoney Burgess Award

Boilerplate Matter(s): Education Reform; Poverty; Human Rights; Resource Depletion

Hobby or Favorite Pastime: Sports; Books; Music; Video Games

Favorite Historical Event(s): Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier

Despised Historical Event(s): Trail of Tears; U.S. foreign intervention (Panamanian Independence, Vietnam & Iraq Wars, etc.)

Empowering Americans Nationwide and Women Globally.