Board of Directors

ANA RUBIANO – Member #1A (Founding Member Profile)

Member Identification Number: #1A

Member First Name: Ana

Member Last Name: Rubiano

Gender Identity: Female

Birth Place: Bogotá

Nationality: Colombian

Residence: Bogotá; Colombia

Occupation: Language Interpreter

Collegiate Affiliation or Declaration: EAN University

Certification(s) and Accolade(s): Bachelor’s Degree in Modern Languages with Emphasis in Translation

Boilerplate Matter(s): Underserved Communities; Poverty; Human Rights; Abuse of Authority; Gender Inequality; Social Class Gap

Hobby or Favorite Pastime: Swimming; Painting; Music; Travelling

Favorite Historical Event(s): Women’s Suffrage; End of the Berlin Wall; Gabriel García Márquez Nobel Prize

Despised Historical Event(s): Jorge Eliécer Gaitán’s death; Panamanian Independence; The murder of Jaime Garzón

Empowering Americans Nationwide and Women Globally.